The MAN MATTERS programme, run by GASPED, is a single point of contact for adult men, aged 18 and over, delivering a range of person-centred support across the district of Wakefield. 

We work with anyone who identifies as male to improve self-worth and overcome challenges such as suicidal tendencies and low self-esteem. 

Man Matters offer a variety of support delivering regular coffee groups, practical support sessions and person centred counselling.

REFERRAL LINE 01924 787507

EMAIL resourcecentre@gasped.co.uk


GASPED is a Registered Charity in England (no. 1072174) and a Registered Company in England and Wales (no. 03580793)

GASPED are a well established service in Wakefield offering counselling and practical and emotional support services since 1995. The service has changed and adapted over the years to meet the needs of people residing in Wakefield.

MAN MATTERS is a project within GASPED.

We identified gaps in service delivery. We ran two workshops; co-produced by ourselves, local men with lived experience and service providers.

The initial funding was submitted in December 2019. In April 2022, the grant was received to provide a much needed service for males in the Wakefield District.

The MAN MATTERS Project has been running since June 2022.

The MAN MATTERS Team currently consists of 5 people:

  • Support Worker Co-Ordinator
  • 5 Support Workers
  • Marketing Manager
  • 3 Volunteers

The counsellors are within GASPED.