We offer person centred counselling, working with men to address issues at the earliest possible stage and to contribute towards building their emotional resilience.

This model empowers men to take ownership of the emotional challenges they face so they can become more engaged in society, enabling strong and lasting relationships.

To self-refer to our counselling department call:

01924 787507

We aim to respond within 8 – 10 weeks to book you in for an Initial Assessment.

Our initial assessments are conducted over the telephone taking around 1 hour to complete.

We can discuss with you the types of support we offer and what best meets your needs.

Refer by calling 01924 787507, email requesting a referral form OR download the referral form from our website and email it to

You can do this via:

  • Self Referral - Refer yourself.
  • Agency Referral - Organisations can refer on your behalf, with your consent.

From point of referral, it can take up to 12-16 weeks for us to call you to book in for your Initial Assessment.

After the Initial Assessment has been completed, we will aim to call you back within 2-4 weeks to book your first session.

Whilst you are waiting for your support, you can access our Coffee Groups. Just call 01924 787507 before the day you plan on attending.

Our Initial Assessment is a 45-50 minute telephone appointment where we can get a more in depth insight into your reason for referral.

This depends the severity of each clients requirements, some may need 6+ sessions, others may only require 1 or 2 sessions.

Due to space, we do not allow people waiting in reception that shouldn't be there.

However, if you would feel more comfortable for someone to come into your first support with you, we would allow this.

If you are late, the session can still go ahead, however, due to room bookings, you will not have the full 50 minute session, you will only get however long is left of your appointment slot.

As you walk in, you will be asked to sign in. You will then be welcomed into our waiting room, where a member of staff will offer you a drink.

Both photographed, below.

We have four rooms in our office building. You can see them all in the images below.

Both 1-2-1 Support & Counselling are person centred.

1-2-1 Support can be practical or emotion help. Practical being anything from advocacy, to helping with housing and benefits. Emotional can be anything causing emotive imbalance within your day to day life.

Our form of Counselling allows you to speak openly about how you feel, in the here and now, with a none judgemental approach. The aim is to empower you to become fully functioning.

Yes, all our support to current and future clients is free.